Why must we love Nollywood?

Nollywood One key factor for Nigeria surpassing South Africa as Africa’s largest economy is that apart from the oil revenue’s the Movie industry has had its share in the rise of Nigeria’s economic landscape.The low budget Nollywood movies are massively produced and sold for as little as a dollar on the street. I started watching Nollywood movies as a kid and yes I grew up watching renowned actors such as Elizabeth Benson,Patience Ozokwor,Ramsey Noah,Genevieve Nnaji,Pete Edochie,Olu Jacobs among others.

One criticism of Nollywood as a Ghanaian in the late 90′s and “Noughties” was that it portrayed too many poignant themes regarding ,”backstabbing”,”Juju(Voodoo)”,”wicked mother in-law” and “infidelity”.The modernized scripts are now succinct and are able to captivate the viewers mind whist still retaining the African cultural theme and plots intact.It is my believe that the partnership or integration of Ghanaian actors/actresses has also helped push its onslaught beyond the Nigerian boundaries though out Africa and the diaspora.

Nigerian movies can now be streamed online via on demand services such as Youtube and IrokoTV which charge users premium to watch,previously people could watch it via CD’s and DVD’s,hence in emerging times it is catching up with the technological trend in its evolutionary process.

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Are “Mulatto” people “Black”?

Who is a “Mulatto”?

Anytime I fill the UK employment equality application and it comes to filling the ethnicity part I always have a sense of trepidation as to whether I should say I am African or Mixed Black and White African. The reason being that my mother is mixed race and my Father is Black, so the question is am I Black and how black? My mother of Portuguese and Saotomean descent sees herself as “Mulatto”. The conundrum  is that  according to the definition from Wikipedia Mulatto is a term used to refer to a person who is born from one white parent and one black parent, or more broadly, a person of any proportion of noticeable European and African ancestry”.My mothers’ mother (Grand Mother) is mixed race and my Mothers Father (Grand Father) is also mixed race so is she a second generation Mulatto?

Looking into the near historical context – miscegenation-  had slavery era roots quite traceable when European Merchants relations with native African women brought forth Mulatto offspring. They were in many cases educated and treated quite well and held high offices in the African colonies as I learned from my African history class. In the American colonies that wasn’t necessarily the case as  most often  the “illegitimate” children of White masters were also seen as “black” and sold into slavery as per this article . Later anti-miscegenation laws were passed to prevent hybrid races before being rescinded post the civil right era.


Is Mariah Carey black or Mixed Race?

Another interesting notion that I have witnessed is that an over whelming case of mulattoes class themselves as “black”. President Barack Obama is recorded in the annals as the first “African American” to hold that office. His mother is White and lived most of his growing years with his white grand parents ,so how does that work out? I am mostly intrigued when I watch the Mobo’s (Music of Black Origin) and Bet (Black Entertainment Televison) awards. I see a lot of Mulatto (Mixed race) celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey coming on stage and exhibiting a profound pride of their black lineage which leaves me puzzled and beleaguered. The video which I watched below however shared some problems mixed race people have when there is a problem in finding one’s identity and hence I do share some empathy.



Attractive Mixed Race People



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