Ebola takes the African center stage


Victim being treated by a health worker

Olalekan was walking along the road in Lagos and was apprehended by some men in black suits and dark sunglasses who asked for a direction to a market place he knew quite well,all of a sudden he was gagged from behind and pushed into a van – simply put he was kidnapped. Later he was summoned by the leader and was asked who in his family he could call so that he could pay the demanded ransom of 800,000 Naira. Olalekan began to cry stating that his family had abandoned him ever since he started showing symptoms of flu and diarrhea hence he had no one to support him. The leader and his surrogates fearing he was infected with the Ebola scourge said nothing and all left leaving him there puzzled. After some hours of waiting he found the house was empty and left.

This may be a joke but the reality on the ground certainly isn’t, the Ebola outbreak has already claimed the lives of over 1,900 people in West Africa and counting. What may start as simple symptoms of fatigue,dizziness and chest pain can evolve into severe hemorrhage,diarrhea and difficulty in breathing. What’s worse is that there is no “known” cure for Ebola, or wait a minute is there? Currently infected victims are given antiobiotics and liquids in the hope that the immune system fights it but with a survival rate of just less than 10% that’s not a given. The experimental drug Zmapp has been making the headlines and given to the privilege few (American and British health workers) ¬†who have made outstanding recoveries though there was a case of a Spanish priest and a Liberian doctor who died nevertheless. Dr.Brantly who battled the disease and was given the experimental drug claimed his healing was divine,to which I have no qualms with. My only issue is that why is the experimental drug not given to all and sundry after all why should some benefit and others shouldn’t? The answer is obvious…isn’t it? Yes the may be some critics who will claim that Africans are not Guinea pigs to be tested with experimental drugs but which is the lesser of two evils? Well you decide.

Well I just pray that the real cure or vaccine comes sooner rather than later , the more victims that succumb to the disease is bad news. My heart and prayers go to all infected in the health camps in Liberia,Sierra Leone and Guinea.





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Why must we love Nollywood?

Nollywood One key factor for Nigeria surpassing South Africa as Africa’s largest economy is that apart from the oil revenue’s the Movie industry has had its share in the rise of Nigeria’s economic landscape.The low budget Nollywood movies are massively produced and sold for as little as a dollar on the street. I started watching Nollywood movies as a kid and yes I grew up watching renowned actors such as Elizabeth Benson,Patience Ozokwor,Ramsey Noah,Genevieve Nnaji,Pete Edochie,Olu Jacobs among others.

One criticism of Nollywood as a Ghanaian in the late 90’s and “Noughties” was that it portrayed too many poignant themes regarding ,”backstabbing”,”Juju(Voodoo)”,”wicked mother in-law” and “infidelity”.The modernized scripts are now succinct and are able to captivate the viewers mind whist still retaining the African cultural theme and plots intact.It is my believe that the partnership or integration of Ghanaian actors/actresses has also helped push its onslaught beyond the Nigerian boundaries though out Africa and the diaspora.

Nigerian movies can now be streamed online via on demand services such as Youtube and IrokoTV which charge users premium to watch,previously people could watch it via CD’s and DVD’s,hence in emerging times it is catching up with the technological trend in its evolutionary process.

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